Aug 7, 2012
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Any connoisseur of classic soul records is going to have “Street Life” in her crate, or at the very least will recognize the track at the first string hit.

So - I don’t need to write anything about this one — shit is just dope, so enjoy!


Aug 3, 2012
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For the past two days Cosplay and the mixtapes: Larwin, Hyaline, and The Wall Flower Project have been on repeat. Jowin is a Nigerian-American born rapper who lives and goes to school in Georgia. At first listen to any of mixtapes they seem like they were created by a veteran in the hiphop game, but Jowin has only been on the scene for about 4-6 years. And let me tell you I don’t need to review any of the albums because they are all ill. However, I seem to find myself returning to play this song. Cosplay is just such  unique track. It is fucking crazy, yes fuck was needed, that anyone could rap about anime and cosplay and have it actually be a eally dope track. Let me tell you this kid is seriously has some talent if not rapping then producing. In producing Jowin is just amazing. His skills are of those who have been producing all their lives. And when he produces it seems his peculiar-ness comes to life on the track with sampling of television shows such as Gilmore Girls which is just unheard of. Jowin really is talented and deserves the upmost respect in the hiphop game because he is at a level that I can say some are not at. Be sure to check out Jowin at Bandcamp to get his mixtapes.


….”The letter of her breast size would not pass class” - Dope!


Jul 22, 2012
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You can’t talk about 70’s soul without mentioning The New Birth.  

Originally formed as a loose collection of individual touring acts under Harvey Fuqua @ RCA Records, the band ultimately formed as an R&B/jazz/funk fusion band with this album, “Birth Day”.

My favorite New Birth tracks are the classic Back-of-the-Lac ballads “Wildflower” & “Dream Merchant”.  The more funkier joints have been sampled time and again.  For my sample trivia cats, I’m sure you’ll guess the crew who chopped up the posted track “You Are What I’m All About”

Keep diggin!


Jul 21, 2012
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The Blackbyrds formed in 1973 at Howard University under the tutelage of legendary jazz & fusion trumpeter, Donald Byrd.

Their mainstream hit was Walking In Rhythm for which the group was nominated for a Grammy.  ”Walking” is a cool afternoon special groove.  But the b-boys will no doubt start backspinning to “Rock Creek Park” off their City Life album.

Here I’m posting one of the missed grooves in The Blackbyrds catalog called “Enter In” off the Unfinished Business LP.

Check the groove and keep diggin’!.


Jul 21, 2012
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My man JR caught some footage of me diggin’ @ Iris Records in Jersey City.  Definitely check them our for primo jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop & rock.

My man JR caught some footage of me diggin’ @ Iris Records in Jersey City.  Definitely check them our for primo jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop & rock.


Jul 20, 2012
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For a longtime, my only exposure to Latin music was in a bodega while buying a Banana Nutriment.  But as I dug deeper for treats, I started to come across dope album covers from the Fania label by Hector LaVoe, Willie Colon and of course the late great Celia Cruz.

Then years ago when I caught footage of Fania All Stars rockin’ the pre-fight concert for Foreman-Ali in “Rumble In The Jungle”, I was hooked.  

So when I recently came across the Ray Barretto joint, I had to cop.  ”El Presupuesto” is killin’ - enjoy.


Jan 29, 2012
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Average White Band is a catalog essential for any soulful beat digger.  Whenever I come across an AWB album, I’ve got a pick up a copy.  If not for me, then for a fellow digger that may be missing an AWB record or two. 

School Boy Crush  released in ‘75 by the Average White Band is an obvious break for any hip-hop head, famously sampled by Eric B & Rakim on their ‘88 hit single Microphone Fiend.

AWB always kept a hard groove and interesting melodies that laid in the pocket.  Love Your Life, I’m The One, and Pick Up The Pieces were all dope.

To boot, their album art was really cool too.  David Heffernan, one of my vinyl dealer friends and an amazing artist @ Revolution in Maplewood, NJ actually designed some of their cover artwork (such a small world).

Hope you enjoy today’s groove - keep diggin!


Jan 28, 2012
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I’m a Selector, Not a DJ

Erykah Badu called herself a “selector” not a DJ, during the prologue to her guestmix on Gilles Peterson’s Mixcloud page.

What a revelation - that’s me!

The term is nothing new - Jamaican DJs have been selecting/toasting/playing dubsets for ages. I’ve never thought of myself in that way, however I’ve been selecting records for friends & family since I figured out how to turn on my father’s Pioneers belt drive turntables.

Yet I’m always careful NOT to call myself a DJ because I respect the dues and dedication of the craft — especially the pre-Serato days when dudes had to take financial risks on unknown records and break their backs with racks of crates.

Today - with the growth of awesome music sharing sites like Mixcloud, DragonTape and Turntable.FM - the art of selecting or playlisting has become a cool way for the ordinary Joe to exhibit his passion for digging a la Bizmarkie or the late great Larry Levan.  

So now I’m authentic.  I’m a selector. I find interesting records and shine light on them for the sake of sharing.   I just play what I feel and let the real DJs innovate. 

Thanks Badu!


Jan 16, 2012
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Jimmy Castor - R.I.P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L

Got the word from @QTipTheAbstract’s twitter stream that Jimmy Castor passed today at the age of 64.

I guess it’s befitting that he left this earth on King’s day, as it’s no doubt that Jimmy was one of the true kings of funk, soul and definitely breakbeats.  

For B-boys, "It’s Just Begun" has got to be the #1 break record of all time (just ask Rock Steady).  But one of my all-time favorites is “Potential” - a groove joint off of Jimmy’s “Butt of Course” album.   

Today’s audio post is dedicated to one of the pioneers of breakbeats, the true “Everything Man” - Jimmy Castor.


Jan 16, 2012
@ 2:28 pm

DJ A.C.L. in the lab with Venomous2000 

@Venomous2000, an ill emcee & photographer out of Jersey, did a beautiful video piece of A.C.L. at his lab just digging through treats and discussing the history of Jersey hip-hop, and Passaic specifically.  I love this vid b/c it really represents how I get down with most of my diggin’ comrades - a few cold ones, good conversation and a bunch of music.  

Peace to V2G Photography for this one.